Mistress Ruby Red of Hertfordshire


Welcome to proposed new slaves and subs male and females.

I have a selection of outfits of Latex, Leather, Lingerie and corsets with added footwear, boots- thigh, knee, and calf length as well as shoes with 6in heels; please view my Foot site www.foot-mistress.co.uk I also have access to a 1950's school premises in Cheshunt in Waltham Cross. For Auntie, Secretary, Boss, Teacher and snooty neighbour Sessions, my attire is usually a suit with white blouse and high heels and seamed stockings.

When you first visit MISTRESS you will find a warm and friendly welcome; you will be offered tea, coffee and water so as to ensure you are relaxed in Mistress's company and I will have a general chat with you. The time spent is not part of your hour and this is where Mistress always asks health and safety questions, e.g., are you a diabetic or maybe do you suffer with high blood pressure or do you have a pace maker fitted - these are all important things Mistress needs to know before the session begins. Mistress expects you to be honest with your age - you must be at least 21 years old to visit Mistress and if in doubt I will ask for proof; please do not be concerned if it's the other end as my oldest naughty boy has been 95 yrs old. Mistress will ask you about your limits/marks and whether you need a safe code like a safe word, e.g. If you call "RED" once, this only tells me you are reaching your limit so I will decrease the limit or change what I'm doing - this does not stop the session. BUT if you call "RED RED RED" this STOPS the session and no refunds are given even if the session has just started So please use as my rules state. A shower is offered with towels provided at end of session. Unfortunately I have no access for wheel chairs as there are 2 sets of 4 steps.



My sessions are based on my interests so if there is something you're looking for and it's not listed please ask as I may have just forgotten to add it like Body Worship and Enemas, which I do practise. So how long have I been a professional Domme? Well it feels like all of my adult life although as Im a mature Mistress I would say about twenty years, maybe more. And I have operated from a variety of locations.

Dominance is all about eroticism and training; once you have found your Mistress and visited her on a regular basis she will take over your mind and control you without you even realising it and take great pleasure in pushing your limits each time you visit. Taking control over your mind, which is why I personally really enjoy the humiliation and the psychological sessions as well as the CP and Bondage sessions I do. I don't need to shout to take control over your mind, which makes me a classy Mistress and very erotic with lots of teasing, who has a very wicked sense of humour. I will give you commands and the help of my little finger will make you obey willingly the power of Mistress - it's all in the look of my eyes - look closely at my photos.

So apart from being a Domme what else can you do for Mistress? Well I enjoy for pleasure going to fetish clubs and while I have been to most clubs in London I will be looking to venture out towards the North of England like Birmingham. So I'm always looking for escorts for Mistress which would mean a good looking slave, male or female but the full cost would be down to you plus a taxi service to St Albans. Mistress is also looking for a commitment of 2 visits weekly for a maid who is not looking for what he/she will receive from Mistress rather that you will serve Mistress correctly. A lot of maids mis-understand this concept in my experience so if any of this fits you please do email Mistress with your experience and proof of this as this will NOT be a session and only cleaning - I will consider all.